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David C | San Bruno, CA

I never write reviews but I was so pleased with the service and quality of work I received from Grace that I felt the need to share. Richard, Brandon, and Walt were a pleasure to work with and handled everything professionally. When I had trouble with the insurance company they took care of it.  The quality of work on my car was amazing, it came out looking better than new.  If you find yourself needing auto bodywork Grace is the place to go.

Fitzgerald M.  |  Daly City, CA  

"I was involved in an accident where I was T boned by a distracted driver. It was upsetting to say the least. A friend referee me to Grace auto body. They are located in the industrial section of SSF. Richard took care of me. He and his team gave a reasonable estimate and assured me that my car would be good as new. It took them about a week order parts and complete the repair. I was worried about the structure damage. Its been about six months since the repair and you couldn't tell that my car was ever involved in a wreck. Usually after serious damage you will hear strange noises and clicking with the car. No so after Grace body took care of it. 5 stars for great service."

Aaron M.  |  San Francisco, CA  

"Walt and Richard restored my 2005 Corolla XRS back to new after getting hit by a drunk driver in San Francisco. They were really helpful, great and kind-hearted old school kind of guys. They took care of me throughout the whole process and agreed to use only OEM Toyota Parts! Grace Body Shop hasn't lost their touch at all and they got my pearl paint job just right! I can't tell the difference at all!"

Martin W.  |  South San Francisco, CA  

"Short story, wife crashes car no comprehensive insurance and it cost more to repair than car is worth, wife gets new car, but son wants old car as engine runs great body is messed up. Took it around SSF to various body shops explaining that I just want to get it safe for my son to use not cherry it out, nobody wanted to do that they all wanted to give me back a pristine car costing me more than car was worth except Walt he got it completely. It is my sons first car so he is very happy to have any wheels but Grace did a fantastic job for literally $1200. less and it looks better than it did before we drove it in! He was a nice guy to deal with to. He seems to be a very fair guy out to make a customer not just a buck. I hope I never need him again but if I do he's got my business. Kid is beyond happy, wifey is happy and I am happy the trifecta. Thanks to Walk and Grace Body. (Appropriate name too!)"

Frank V.  |  Pacifica, CA  

"Walter Poultney and Richard were great. They repaired my car perfectly and worked with the insurance company. This is my third time with them and they have proven themselves to be just great. I will definitely refer them to anyone I know. I appreciate their help and most of all the ability to work with the insurance company for me! Thank you Walter and Richard!"

Tim B.  |  Pacifica, CA  

"I've taken my truck here ever since i got it. Great service and professional work. Great people and employees and shop. Always going to take my vehicles here and tell me friends to do so also. Want work done right, come here. You won't regret it. The Srt-10 conversion and bed-liner photos are my truck. Love it!"

N M.  |  Mountain View, CA  

"Grace Body Shop does fabulous work at a great price. In the interest of full disclosure, I work really close to Walt's (the co-owner) home and have known Walt socially for awhile, and this is the first time I've gone to his shop. I was rear-ended and needed the bumper repaired and repainted, and the bumper retainer replaced. My car was there for under a week. Walt, the co-owner, gave me a ride to pick up a loaner car and dropped off my car after it was done. The car came back to me cleaner than it left, and had a few minor paint scratches buffed out for free. It has been a month or so now, and you would never even guess that the bumper was ever hit. My car looks better than ever, and I'd definitely recommend Grace Body to anybody."

Michael A.  |  San Francisco, CA  

"Grace body shop is great! Walt, Richard and their crew do some amazing specialty work and are never too busy to help a customer. They were recommended to me because I have a 3 wheel meter maid cart and nobody else wanted to bother with a damage estimate for the insurance company. They spent time assessing the damage, drove me to the BART station and handled the insurance inspection. Proof of their work is all over the shop. The number of custom work, classic cars, etc is incredibly impressive!"

Michele B.  |  Pacifica, CA  

"The reason I chose Grace Auto Body was first, the way the phone was answered. The woman was nice, and when I asked a question about getting an estimate without bringing my car in she was so nice and had the owner, Walt, speak to me. Walt was so nice, honest, and professional. Jose worked on my vehicle while I waited, only about 30 minutes. He attached the panel that fell off and buffed out the marks, it looks like new. They are honest and professional and have a clean and organized shop."

Ian B.  |  San Francisco, CA  

"Walt was thoroughly professional and very helpful for a minor dent I had in my car. I have an old car and didn't care about the look so much as the function (it was where the passenger door met the fender so it made a cracking sound every time the door opened). He fixed it for a good price and it looked better than I expected. Also as I work very close by and he had some free time, he was generous enough to give me a ride. Highly recommend. They also have some pretty sweet looking vintage care restorations going on in the shop (love the '65 Mustang)."

Shannon L.  |  San Francisco, CA  

"I've been to Grace Body Shop twice, both incidents were NOT my fault. My 1997 Accord was scratched up by fire fighters putting out a fire on a car next to mine. My 2003 TL was rear ended on highway 92. I visited & received estimates from 11 body shops. Grace Body Shop was the best one! They have been in business for decades, have a large shop, and have a great "bake room". From my research, it seems like only 3 out of 10 body shops have a "bake room". In a bake room, the paint is baked on. With a bake room, the paint is completely cured after baking in the room. Without a bake room, the curing process is around 30-90 days (I cannot remember the exact number). I've seen many nice cars there including collectible cars. I recommend this body shop!"

Don H.  |  San Francisco, CA  

"You'll be hard pressed to find a better, more honest body shop. The people at Grace do great work, are completely up-front and honest about everything (including the fact that things often get a bit delayed), and they are happy to do whatever is necessary to make sure you're taken care of right. They invite you to come into the shop and see the work being done first hand, so you know what they're doing. None of the "customers aren't allowed in the work area" BS most places try to get away with. Their paint work is absolutely top notch - better than anything you'll get out of the factory. If you want work done, and done very well, for reasonable rates and by people who you know aren't trying to screw you over, go to Grace. You'll be happy you did. They're also highly recommended by the bay area Audi community, and with good reason."

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